Chair Massage

Stress is the number one source of sickness and absenteeism in the workplace and the resulting lost productivity costs companies billions of dollars per year. By increasing blood flow to the employee’s brain with a 15 minute chair massage, they return to work more alert with the ability to be more productive. When employers implement a chair massage program, they quickly realize that their employees call in sick less often, are less stressed and perform better on the job. On top of feeling invigorated at work, morale is boosted and employees are healthier and better able to enjoy all aspects of their lives.

- Occupational Health & Safety News/The National Council on Compensation Insurance

Investing in your employees’ well-being is an investment in the well-being of your business. Making a commitment to regular massage for your team shows that you sincerely value their contribution to the business. All you need to provide for the Massage Therapist is a 6’ x6 area.